A Return to Love: Marianne Williamson

The Four Agreements: Don Miguel Ruiz


The Blueprint of We: A powerful “operating manual” you and your partner create to communicate more effectively, gracefully and to reduce stress:

Grief Alchemy & Forgiveness Support / Divine Juicy Life Programs / Transformational Coaching / Art:

  • As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® through the Grief Recovery Institute (, I offer programs that help people shift from pain to peace, purpose and living life fully.
  • As the creator and author of The Divine Juicy Life® program, I help people transform emotional and spiritual pain into peace, freedom and joy through the 5 flavors of a Divine Juicy Life®: Grief Alchemy, Sensory Immersion, Creativity & Play, Nourishing Relationships and Soul Alignment
  • I’m also an Abstract Artist:

Please call me at: 828-989-1980 or email me at: to learn more.

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