The Blueprint of We: A powerful “operating manual” you and your partner create to communicate more effectively, gracefully and to reduce stress:

Grief Support:

* As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® through the Grief Recovery Institute (, I offer the 7 Session Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program where we meet one-on-one or in a group for seven sessions. Outcomes of this heart-based, experiential workshop include learning:

~ What grief really is
~ How to healthily deal with the emotions associated with grief, including  numbness, sadness, anger and guilt
~ How old beliefs about dealing with loss may have hindered your healing and what you can do now
~ The specific personal losses you’ve experience in your life from the time you were born until now ~ The ways in which your past losses have affected and are affecting you
~ How we distract ourselves from pain and the consequences of this
~ The 3 recovery components essential to reaching emotional completion with each loss
~ A process to reach emotional completion with one of your losses
~ How to use the Grief Recovery Outreach Method® process to reach emotional completion with all your losses

* As a Certified Grief Intuitive Coach through Sue Frederick, Intuitive Coach and author of “Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side”, I can help you feel more peace and relief about your loved one’s transition and show you how you can intuitively connect with your loved one yourself in the future through a simple yet profound process I’ll teach you. You will also learning a simple and effective process to release unresolved pain related to grief.

Please call me at: 828-350-9300 or email me at: to learn more.


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