Healing Ceremonies & Rituals

When we’re in need of healing, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we are often feeling at our most vulnerable and in extra need of compassion, and loving, non-judgmental support from friends and family. I love to hold the space for this to occur and offer myself as a witness and observer.

As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® through The Grief Recovery Institute (https://www.griefrecoverymethod.com) I am used to and comfortable working with those experiencing grief due to unresolved loss, of which over 40 kinds have been identified, including those listed below…

Illness: Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with an illness, or have recently survived one, I offer healing rituals and ceremonies that focus on inner and outer healing. Whether we gather at your home, in a favorite spot, nursing home or facility like hospice, the focus will be on bringing love, compassion and grace to your space, along with whomever you would like to be present to offer their healing emotional support.

Separation & Divorce: When we’re separating from someone we once loved, it can feel like a part of ourselves is separating from us as well. At times like this it’s important to allow ourselves the space and time to grieve, and to move through any guilt, shame, anger or blame we may be feeling to reach inner peace. It’s an honor to hold space for you with a Forgiveness healing ritual or ceremony that marks your unique journey on this path, along with all the feelings that come along with it. Together we’ll create a ceremony that helps facilitate your emotional healing.

Legal & Financial Challenges: If you’re experiencing a challenge that may include potential bankruptcy or a potential legal sentence that could include incarceration, you may be feeling embarrassment, guilt at how your situation is affecting loved ones, and hopelessness. We can create a healing ritual or ceremony that will help you to have more acceptance of your present situation, that will also aid in self and other forgiveness. In a safe, loving space, we will help you remember that your life and life situation are two separate things, and that wholeness and peace can still be experienced, despite your circumstances.

Additional Healing Ceremonies: Other healing ceremonies and rituals I can create, co-create with you, and lead include:

* Job Loss forgiveness and healing ceremony

* Ending of a Friendship forgiveness and healing ritual

* Ending of a Business Partnership forgiveness and healing ritual

* Empty Nest healing ceremony

* Pregnancy Loss healing ritual

* Loss of Faith, Hopes and/or Dreams healing ritual

I’m available to facilitate healing ceremonies and rituals in the Estero – Bonita Springs – Fort Myers – Naples, FL area and will travel for an additional fee.

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